Getting Started Guide

Scavify is an app and platform for creating experiences that produce high quality engagement with your audience. Your audience completes a list of customized challenges that you create to get points and earn rewards. Below you will find information on how to get started using Scavify.



Building a Program

Once you have created an account and purchased your program, the first step is to actually build and customize your program. Building and customizing your program is easy with the step-by-step builder that you can access when you log in to your Admin Page. Using the program builder, you can add all of the content and set the details for your program including the General Details, the list of Tasks and Challenges, and any logos you want to use to customize the look.


Keep in mind that you have the ability to save your work at any time if you would like to start building your program and work on it over time. For tutorials on building specific parts of your program you can watch video tutorials and learn more using the links below.


Setting General Details
Creating Tasks and Challenges
Uploading Logos and Banners


Launching into the App

After you have finished setting the details, adding the content and customizing your program, you are ready to launch your program into the app so that participants can begin searching for and joining your program. The last tab in the program builder is labeled “Launch” and from there you can instantly make your program available in the Scavify app with a click of a button. 

Once the program has been launched it will instantly become available in the Scavify app. You can always come back and update any detail of your program at a later time if you want to make changes.  You also have the ability to test your hunt before launching, check here for more details on testing.



Getting People into the Program

Now that your program is available in the app for participants to find and join, the next step is actually getting people into your program. Participants simply need to download the Scavify app from the App Store or Google Play, create a username, and search for your program by name. 

Once they have located your program they will then have the ability to join it and begin participating. The entire process can be done in under 2 minutes. Be sure to tell people the password if you have chosen to password protect your program.


If you are looking to attract visitors, attendees or the general public to your program you may want to read a few tips on promoting your program to help you maximize participation. 

Promoting Your Program


Monitoring in the Admin Page

Ok, your program is up and running and everyone is having a great time completing the tasks and challenges. Of course you want to be able to see all of the activity in your program. Simply log in to your Admin Page where you first built and customized your program. From there you will be able to see a leaderboard of participants and their progress in the program, all of the photos associated with photo challenges, program analytics and more. 

You will also have the ability to update your program in real-time, download photos, moderate users, view a slideshow, export program data to spreadsheets and make announcements to participants.



Editing Your Program
Downloading Photos
Viewing and Flagging Photos
Removing a User

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