Downloading Photos

Downloading Photos from Your Program

There are a couple easy ways to download photos from your program. You can either download individual photos or download zip folders containing all of the photos from your program at once.

Download Individual Photos

To download an individual photo simply scroll down to the photo stream in your admin page and click on the thumbnail of the photo to pull up the larger version and then right-click on the photo and select "Save Image As..." to choose where you would like to save the image.

Download Zips and Folders of Photos

To download a zip file of all of the photos in your program locate the "Download Photos" area and click "Initiate Processing" to start the process. In a few minutes your zip file will be ready to download. Return to the same area in a few minutes and the "Initiate Processing" text will be replaced with a link to your file. Click the link to download the file. Note: Download Photos area will not be visible until a photo has been uploaded to your hunt. 

You can learn more about you admin page in greater detail in each of the following guides:


Video Tutorial

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