Editing Your Program

Editing your Program

Even after you have launched your program you still have the ability to edit and update most aspects of the program through your admin page. Simply click on the "Edit Hunt" button which will bring up the familiar step-by-step builder that you used when building your program.

  1. Log in to your admin page.
  2. Select the program you would like to edit.
  3. Click the Edit Hunt button.

You can go through the exact same steps you already went through when building your program to change things like the end date, add a password or make an announcement using the announcement feature. After making updates you can save your changes by clicking the "Save" button. All of your changes will update instantly in the app. Note: Be sure to refresh the screen in your app to view the updates.

Editing the Start Date and Time

You can change the Start Date and Time as long as the original Start Date and Time you set has not elapsed. Once your Start Date and Time elapses, you can no longer make changes to it.

Editing the End Date and Time

You can edit the End Date and Time at any time during your program.

Editing the Custom Configuration Options

You can also update any of the custom configuration options at any time. The changes will take place instantly in the app. For example, if you would like to hide or show the leaderboard in the app for participants at any point, simply toggle the "Leaderboard" option "ON" or "OFF" and click "Save" for the changes to take place instantly in the app for participants.

Editing Tasks and Challenges

In addition to making updates to the General Details portion of your program, you can also add, edit or remove any task or challenge while your program is running. To make updates to your list of challenge simply click the "Tasks" tab.

Adding a Challenge

To add a challenge, simply click the task type for the task you would like to add under the Add New Task area. Fill out the necessary information for the task type you are adding and click "Create Task" to add it to your list of challenges.

Editing a Challenge

To update an existing challenge on your list of challenges, click the settings wheel next to the challenge you would like to edit on your list. This will bring up a page with the details of the specific challenge where you can make your updates and save them.

Deleting a Challenge

To delete a challenge click the trash icon next to the challenge you would like to delete from your list of challenges. Deleting a challenge removes the challenge entirely from your program as well as all of the points and photos associated to that challenge from participants' point totals and photo streams. ALL of the content associated with the challenge, including what has already been completed by participants, will be deleted permanently. You will NOT be able to get this content back.

Editing Logos and Banners

You can also make updates to any of the logos and banners for your program. Simply re-upload any of the graphics to overwrite existing ones. Please note that some devices may use caching and display previous versions of the graphic you are updating. If you are viewing from a browser you may need to reload the page again. If you are viewing the updated graphic from the app you may need to quit the app and restart it to see the changes.

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