Accessing the Admin Page

In order to build and customize your program you will first need to log in to your admin.

Logging Into Your Account

  1. Go to www.scavify.com > Login
  2. Enter your account information (email address and password)
  3. Once you are logged in you will see a list of programs in your account.

Your Admin Page

When you log in to your account you will see a list of your programs. If you have just purchased a program your programs will be "untitled" and ready for you to begin customizing them. if you only purchased one single program you will see only one program in your list. If you have multiple programs running they will be listed separately on this page.

Completed Tasks

A summary total of how many tasks have been completed in your program.

Total Participants

A summary total of how many participants have joined your program


A summary list of the top participants and their scores in your program. A complete list of participants can be viewed to see all participants as well.


You can quickly and easily see all of the photos associated with photo challenges in your program from your admin page. Click on a photo to view a larger version and flip through them quicker using the Photo Viewer.

Download Photos

Download Individual Photos

To download an individual photo simply click on the thumbnail of the photo to pull up the larger version and then right-click on the photo select "Save Image As..." to choose where you would like to save the image.

Download Zips and Folders of Photos

To download a zip file of all of the photos in your program locate the "Download Photos" area and click "Initiate Processing" to start the process. In a few minutes your zip file will be ready to download. Return to the same area in a few minutes and the "Initiate Processing" text will be replaced with a link to your file. Click the link to download the file.

Note: The Download Photos area will not be visible until after a photo has been uploaded to your hunt. 

View Hunt Analytics

You can also view analytics and statistics about participation, completion rates for challenges and much more by clicking the "View Hunt Analytics" menu option.

Export Data

In addition to viewing data of your program in the admin you can also export this information to an Excel spreadsheet file. Choose what information you would like to export under the "Download Excel" menu option.

You can learn more about you admin page in greater detail in each of the following guides:


Video Tutorial

Watch a video tutorial of this guide.

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