How do I integrate my hunt with Slack?

About the Slack integration

You can have Scavify post completed task information from your hunt to any Slack channel you manage.  This is a powerful tool for a variety of use cases:

  • Connect a manager or admin #channel to monitor hunt progress
  • Add to a #channel with the participants involved in the hunt to spur further engagement
  • Connect the hunt with a direct message @user to track in private
  • And much more!

How it works

First you will connect your Scavify account with your Slack account from our integration center.  This process will involve logging into your Slack workspace and selecting the #channels and @users which can then be used on Scavify.

After your Scavify account is connected to Slack and you have selected the #channels and @users that can be used - you then have the option to associate any hunt (on a per hunt basis) with these communication channels.

Once a hunt is associated with one or more Slack #channels or @users, the Scavify system will periodically check the activity in your hunt and post information about completed tasks to Slack.  The check for activity defaults to every 10 minutes, but is customizable down to 1 minute.  If there are multiple completed tasks since the last update, we will post a report style message to Slack that outlines how many of each task type has been completed.  However, if there has only been 1 completed challenge we will provide specific details on the task and the participants information.

Steps to enable

Follow these steps to enable on your hunts:

  1. Navigate to the integration center by using the top right drop down where your username is displayed
  2. Click the "Add to Slack" button and login securely via Slack
  3. Select the #channel or @user you wish to connect to Scavify; note: you may repeat this process as many times as you wish to connect multiple communication channels
    • Now that Scavify is connected to Slack, you may use these channels in any of your hunts
  4. Navigate to the Notifications tab under the hunt edit area for any hunt you wish to connect
  5. In the Slack section click the "Add Chanel" button for the #channel or @user you wish to connect; note: you can repeat this process to connect this hunt to multiple channels
  6. After the page reloads you will have the option to toggle Completed Tasks on, and set the Frequency - after which click the "Update Options" button to save your changes, and that's it!


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