Launching your Program

Once you have finished setting the details, adding the challenges, and customizing the look of your hunt and you are ready for it to become available in the Scavify app for participants to begin searching and joining all that is left is to launch your program.


Launching your program will make it instantly available in the app for participants to begin joining. However, as long as your start date and time have not elapsed participants still will not be able to see the list of challenges to complete. Your list of challenges will be hidden until the start date and time have elapsed, at which point the list of challenges will become available instantly and automatically.

  1. Go to your admin and click on the program you want to launch.
  2. Click the "Launch" tab from the step-by-step builder.
  3. Click the "Launch" button.
  4. Your program is launched and available in the app!

Editing After Launch

Also, keep in mind that you will have the ability to make updates and edit your hunt after it is launched if you need to make changes to the general details of your hunt, the list of challenges, or the logos and banners. To edit your program do the following:

  1. Go to your admin and click on the program you want to edit.
  2. Click the "Edit Hunt" button at the top of the admin page for that program.
  3. Click the tab where you want to make changes and save.


Each step of the customization process is discussed in greater detail in each of the following guides:


Video Tutorial

Watch a video tutorial of this guide.

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